Features Overview


Perfect Balance

Each Custom Baton is balanced where the handle meets the shaft.  This balance point provides a neutral buoyancy for the shaft which allows the shaft to "float" and promotes a relaxed hand posture. 

What Length Baton Do I Need?

Custom batons are available in lengths from 12" to 16" and can be ordered in 1/4" increments (overall length includes handle).  Choosing a baton that compliments your body geometry is an important part of selecting your baton.

What Shaft Material Is Best?

The standard Fiberglass shaft is very durable and has a nice weight that tends to help conductors smooth out their legato motions.

For a lighter, more responsive baton, Graphite is a good choice. 

If you conduct in front of a white background (or white clothing) a Wood shaft provides a nice visual contrast for your musicians.

What about Thread?

This added feature is designed to give you a little more texture where your first finger and thumb meet the shaft of the baton. I carefully wrap a durable nylon thread around the base of the shaft.  This keeps your fingers from slipping and tends to prevent tension in your grip.  To see examples of different thread colors, click below.