A well balanced baton

There are many variables that can change the weight and balance of a baton. 

Basically, the weight of the handle needs to exactly balance the weight of the baton shaft.

On one side of the equation is the shaft.  The longer shaft you have, the heavier it will be.  The shaft material makes a big difference in the weight of the shaft.  Fiberglass is the heaviest shaft I use.  Graphite is lighter than fiberglass, but wood shafts are even lighter than graphite.

On the other side of the equation is the handle.  A larger handle is heavier and the density of the wood also contributes to the total weight .  In order to fine tune the balance of each baton, I use differing amounts of brass inside the end of the handle.  If brass is too heavy, I sometimes us other materials like corian or wood for the counterbalance.

If you want a custom balance point slightly forward or behind the front edge of the handle, contact me ( Chris Blount ) and I will let you know what is possible based on your design specifications.