The discounted price for a bulk order of batons is $30 per baton and I discount my zippered tube cases down to $8. I generally send more batons than your total number of students so that every student has a chance to find their perfect baton.  I typically include a wide variety of baton lengths and  handle shapes so that the students have a broad selection to choose from, but if you have specific requirements let me know and I will do my best to select batons that fit your specifications.

Some schools collect money from students and then send me one check for the total amount sold.  However, many schools do not want to deal with the individual student payments.  If that is the case at your school, your students can either write checks to “Custom Batons”, pay cash or go to “Student Payments” and make their payment online.  If they pay with checks or cash, you can put the payments in an envelope and put it in the box when you return the extra batons.  Your responsibility would be to hand out batons as students pay for them, and then mail back the extras once everyone has selected their baton.  If some students want to write checks and others prefer to pay online, that is fine with me.  As long as I receive the same number of payments as batons given to students, I am happy.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


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