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I have been using Custom Batons since my first year in graduate school at Northwestern University. I have tried other batons, but I find myself somehow always coming back to the Custom Batons. Every conductor is different, and they deserve a baton that fits their physicality best. With the excellent customer service and craftsmanship of Custom Batons, I feel confident in the product I am purchasing. It enables me the level of comfort and freedom to concentrate solely on the music I am conducting rather than the equipment I am using.
— Roderick Cox - Associate Conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra
My students were instructed to wait to purchase your batons, but three of them wanted a head start and purchased a baton on Amazon. They were not well made batons and I explained why and told them to compare them to your batons. Even with no conducting experience, they couldn’t believe the difference between the two. They were completely sold on the importance of a good baton and all three of them purchased your batons to use instead.
— Polly Middleton - Illinois State University School of Music
Chris Blount is a superb craftsman and offers the best customer service! He’s my baton craftsman and he should be yours, too!
— Aaron Lehde
I bought my first baton from Charles Olson, back in the early 80’s. I was amazed at the balance and craftsmanship.
When Charles passed on the business to Chris Blount, I knew that he would continue to uphold these high standards, but he has actually surpassed them. Each baton I have purchased is perfectly balanced, comfortable to use, aesthetically beautiful, and always invites inquiries from colleagues.
I’ve had two instances to request special orders, and Chris designed beautiful batons for both of these occasions. The first was a retirement baton for a colleague, made of spare floorboard wood from the stage on which he taught and performed for over twenty years. The second was a special engraved baton for an anniversary gala concert. The final results far exceeded my expectations.
I am so grateful for Chris’s professionalism, high standards, quality, and value, and I recommend him highly!
— Curt Ebersole - Westchester Symphonic Winds
Every baton Chris makes is a piece of art. Not only are they beautiful, but each baton seems unique to the conductor. I have never had a more comfortable baton in my hand, it fits so perfect that at times I don’t even realize it is in my hand. Chris stands by his work; when I needed an emergency shaft replacement, he was able to get my baton back to me in no time. I have gotten many complements on my baton from Conductors around the world not only only the beauty, but of the feel of it when I let them try it. I recommend Chris’ work to everyone.
— Kaleb Benda - Enid Symphony Orchestra
From making to packing, incredible amount of attention concentrated in one baton! It’s a delicate piece of art, yet with engineering precision in weight, balance and alignment. Highly recommend Chris’ work to anyone from student to professional.
— Cheng-Ye Weng - Chang Gung University Wind Band, Taoyuan, Taiwan
About 500 (and counting) St Olaf musicians are out in the world with one of Chris’s batons! They love the variety of handle shapes and colors, keeping them well past graduation and into their careers. With a nod to Harry Potter, we tell them that the baton chooses them.Thanks, Chris!
I purchased my first baton from Chris in 2010, I still use it today and I just purchased another baton to add to my collection. Out of the many that I have, Custom Batons is the most comfortable and most natural feeling baton. Thank You Chris.
— Shaun Thompson - New Harvest Church of God, Gaffney South Carolina

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