4 Baton Flute-style Case

4 Baton Flute-style Case


These premium quality cases provide the highest level of protection for your favorite batons. They are made in the USA by craftsmen that build custom cases for upper line woodwind instruments. Each case has a core constructed of basswood which is covered by hand with the finest kidskin leather and then lined with plush velvet. The high quality "button" style latches are manufactured in Germany. By sliding the buttons with your thumbs toward the ends of the case, the latches open smoothly and easily. Their low profile design does not snag or catch on things so that the latches stay securely closed.

The cases hold batons up to 16 1/4" long and can accommodate handles up to 1" in diameter. The custom slots in the blocking provide a secure place for the baton shafts to rest and keep the baton handles from hitting each other.

The outer dimensions of this case are 17 1/2" x 4" x 1 3/8".

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